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5 Best Exercises to Grow Your Booty

I have always been an active person. As a preteen, I would run short marathons that my middle school would put on every year. It was always a competition to acquire the most popsicle sticks after each lap around the track to gain Bulldog Bucks. With these Bulldog Bucks, I would be able to buy…

3 Tips to Help with Seasonal Depression

Winter weather can be very troubling for some people, myself included. There is just something about the grey skies ominously looming over the sun that creates this somewhat hopeless environment. It takes me a second to muster up the energy to get myself out of bed and start moving. I am a big sunshine gal,…

Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor and Environmentalist

In recent months, much of the US has experienced extreme winter weather. On Earth day of 2020, many celebrities and influencers have tried to gain their audience’s attention by using their platforms to talk about climate change. Whether it be through Instagram stories or posts, these famous artists, athletes, and other prominent figures felt passionate…

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