About Me

Elizabeth Salathe


I have always been a storyteller first before I stumbled upon public relations. It all started with a gifted typewriter, a fascination for cameras, and a need to share my voice—the beginning of my medium of expression. 

 I am a blogger, writer, social media manager, account executive, and student. Currently studying public relations at the University of Oregon, I have gained experience within the media world and practiced many journalistic methods. I love everything that has to do with fitness and lifestyle and can tell you I wholeheartedly enjoy journaling and creative writing. Born in San Jose, California, I grew up in the small town of North Bend, Oregon, and have always loved living on the West Coast. Yes, the Oregon beaches may be chilly, but they sure are breathtaking. Living by the ocean all of my life, I have an eye for natural beauty and a deep passion for hikes, photography, and adventures. 

As a college senior about to take off into the real world, I have learned from my failures and strive always to be the best version of myself. Seeking to grow each day, I want to challenge you to do the same. I want to share my ideas and life events in hopes I can spark inspiration. Come live life with me!

  • Road trips
  • Weightlifting
  • Lemons
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Capturing moments
  • Learning & connecting with people
  • Plants
  • Health & Beauty

“exit gracefully.

heal and grow.

don’t look back.”

-butterflies rising