A Tree Lover’s Nonprofit

I am a big plant lover, as most of you may already know. Trying to identify some great resources for people during this challenging time in quarantine to give back to their community, I stumbled across The Arbor Day Foundation. The foundation has been around since 1972 and is the largest nonprofit organization committed to planting trees. Digging deeper into their mission and programs, I discovered more than one million members, supporters, and other partners have planted 350+ million trees. What an impactful organization. From neighborhoods and communities to cities and forests throughout the world, the Arbor Day Foundation has helped the earth stay green! 

“Our vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, a changing climate, deforestation, poverty, and hunger.” – Arbor Day Foundation

One program that the institute offers, called Tree Campus K–12, allows younger members of the community to learn more about the importance of preserving nature and how planting trees can make a difference. Watch the video below to understand more about the inspiring program.  

Noticing how beneficial the program is for the next generation and beyond, I did a quick Google search to identify how well the Arbor Day Foundation went about promoting the program to parents and donors.  

Other organizations were writing about it on the internet, such as Project Learning TreeNorth American Association for Environmental Education, and Vermont Urban & Community Forestry, which is excellent for parents, donors, and students to hear about it. It is reassuring to see others writing about Tree Campus K–12 as it helps circulate news around it and brings in more volunteers.

On the Tree Campus K–12 page, there is an option to subscribe to email updates and a tab at the bottom which encourages schools to partner with this program. Schools such as Abington Friends School, Borton Magnet Elementary School, Edmond North High School, Freeport High School, Highland Park High School, Palo Verde Magnet School, South Grand Prairie High School, etc., are offering students the opportunity to engage in this educational workshop. I was happy to see how many schools partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and saw this as a great PR move to introduce the program through schools.    

Checking their social media, the Arbor Day Foundation posts every week and includes details about their programs. They have over 36 thousand followers on Instagram, which tells me their audience benefits from their updates. Their voice is constant throughout the content, both on their website and their social media platforms. I am impressed with the level of media coverage. Great job, Arbor Day Foundation!


“The impact we make on our world is accomplished through our conservation and education programs. We work to restore forests, improve tree cover in communities, and inspire the next generation of tree planters to ensure this important work endures.” – Arbor Day Foundation

To find out more about this program and the many others offered on Arbor Day’s website, check it out. 

Let me know what your favorite nonprofit is in the comments below!

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